New Iberia and the surrounding area have many excellent places to enjoy music. I play a CAJUN variety of BOOGIE-WOOGIE piano.
My beginnings go back more than fourty years. I learned from the ol' 78 RPM vinyl records. Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Lil' Richard
          ( just to mention a few ).
The piano was an old upright Cable & Clark that my Grandmother gave me. You know, the kind of piano that used to be in EVERY night-club.
In the 50's it was MANDATORY that one would have to use BOTH hands on the 88. Boogie-Woogie has been around in Louisiana forever.
I'll keep this website updated for the club gigs that have been made. I do vocals and love R&B, occasionally I'll throw in a harmonica for that bluesy sound. I am  available for family reunions, parties and just "get-togethers".
I don't play vulgar music OR rap. My music is 50's, BOOGIE-WOOGIE and that IS
                             WHAT I DO !
My CD "Bayou Teche BOOGIE" is available and online.